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About Steve

Steve is that friendly guy to share a conversation with over a cup of coffee…or maybe the serious man behind the curtain doing that corporate narration (while not putting your employees to sleep)…or, maybe, just maybe, that strong voice that stands out in the crowd and commands the audience (yes, they all turn around, look my way and often follow my lead when I stand and cheer my team on at a sporting event).

OKAY, maybe Steve isn’t all of those things at the same time, but he sure can sound like any one of them when the time is right!

Steve is comfortable in all settings, regardless of whether it's corporate, the arts, sports, or politics. In addition to Steve’s work as a voice actor, he has spent many years in the world of business and finance, so no challenge is too big or too small. He makes it his business to understand your business. Exceeding client expectations with professionalism and cordiality means everything to Steve.

Steve lives in the Metro NY area, but has worked with clients nationwide.

Just let him know how he can help you get that product or service the attention it deserves!

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